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CSR FILM – A Must for every corporate companies to create everlasting impression.

We live in the world where people are so addicted to their mobile phones. The technology

has developed so rapidly that we order and get everything in minutes by purchasing online. With this much growth digitally, the corporate companies know that if they want to make their presence felt, it has to be through the audio – video medium which will deliver the message the companies require. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Films come into limelight. Most importantly CSR Films have now become compulsory in majority of the companies around the globe as they are the prominent source of attention grabbing medium of their target audience.

So why is it important to make a CSR Film? Here I give you reasons answering why Awareness and Education.

The most important element in making CSR Film is spreading awareness and educate the masses regarding different issues and then provide them with solutions to it. The company/organisation should decide before making a film on what message it wants to give to the audience which will help the company/organisation to be in the minds of the people. Through these films, it can reach large audience and provide them a proper guidance without actually being physically present. It is important to present a “problem and a solution“ and CSR films acts as a perfect tool to keep the audience hooked and deliver the required message.

It makes information entertaining

The beauty of films are that they are colorful, catchy and doesn’t bore you. That is the reason why CSR Films have an advantage of keeping audience hooked to the visual medium. People are so used to reading news on paper, brochures, pamphlets etc so films make it informative as well as entertaining.

Reach, Cost effective and Reduces Human Cost

CSR Films have the ability to become trending and get viral especially on social media. If the right audience is targeted, then it’s a win win situation for both the clients as well as the consumers. Thanks to the digital world, getting your film across to every nook and corner of the world is easy as well as cost effective. Another important aspect is it reduces human cost. The companies will be saving lots of money by not hiring employees for such tasks and instead create employment in the areas that needs more human power.

Ugama Media believes in giving quality output and the power of CSR Films are to be seen every where. With the great mix of youth, creative minds and passion to deliver the best to their clients, Ugama media are ready make all the efforts to bring in the changes the corporate/organisation are looking for by working hand in hand.

by Ramdas Pai

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